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Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship
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Latest Choose Life News


As of the first week in October 2016, license plates were mailed to the original applicants.  Exciting to see them on cars!

The DMV website is the place to order them from now on.


Search for CHOOSE LIFE and follow the instructions.

 Encourage everyone you know who stands for LIFE to purchase a plate.
Funds from the Choose Life license plate will provide much needed funding to assist pregnancy centers across the state, as every day they continue to reach women in their community with the message of LIFE.
Please consider becoming involved with your local pregnancy resource center as a friend who offers financial support and practical help to assist their vital mission.
The Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship, has the privilege of assisting them through equipping, encouraging, and networking efforts. And yes . . . our pregnancy centers definitely need the financial support that will come from the plate.
The Choose Life message on our roadways is so important . . . and so is our support of the 70 life-affirming pregnancy centers across the state. Funds generated from the license plate will help them to serve those struggling to decide.
Every day they are giving information and compassionate help to women so they can embrace the choice of LIFE. 
 Thank you for your support and participation!
  How is the Choose Life plate money distributed? 
EveEvery pregnancy resource center in North Carolina will have the opportunity to apply for funding.  After centers have met the eligibility requirements, funds generated from the plates will be distributed equally among them.
Who makes those decisions?
According to the law, the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship is the legally designated agency for disbursement of plate funds. The CPCF board of directors has established criteria for eligibility as well as a plan for the disbursement of funds when they become available.